BOHC - Clock Procedures

2/19/2024 2:30:11 PM

New Procedures to Reduce Game Curfews

As we head into the second half of the season, we are making time clock adjustments to alleviate some of the game curfew issues we've been seeing this year. Like all ice users, BOHC rents the ice for a specific time slot.  The expectation from the City is that we need to leave the ice when our time limit is up.
Due to the amount of curfewed games we've been experiencing thus far into the season ,we are implementing an updated approach on running the time clocks. This will be effective immediately. 

First Period Clock Procedure:

Instead of the current 2-minute warm-up and 17-minute stop time period, we will now have the clock set to 19 minutes.  The clock will run for the warm-up and will continue to run until the opening puck drop and will only stop for the first stoppage in play.
During warm-up, the Refs will continue to blow the whistle at the 30 second mark to remind players to gather up pucks and get ready for the opening face-off.

Second Period Clock Procedure:

At the end of the first period, the timekeepers have been instructed to re-set the clock to 18 minutes, and to start running it while the teams change ends (for divisions that change ends between periods).   Similar to the first period procedure, the clock will remain running while the faceoff puck is dropped, and up until the first stoppage of play in the period.   

Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Changing ends at the end of the first period is at the discretion of the divisional convenors. Ensure whatever direction they have provided is followed.
  • No hand shakes before the game.  Please continue to have hand shakes after the games, but leave the ice surface promptly once completed.
  • Pick up pucks and get to bench and have your teams ready to play hockey at the 17-minute mark.
  • Figure out the forward and defence lines and starting line-up in the dressing room, not after warm-up.
  • Do whatever stretches or pre-game rituals you need to do before you step on the ice.  
  • Any questions or concerns are NOT to be addressed with refs or timekeepers. Please discuss with your captains. 

Thanks to everyone in advance for your cooperation as we work to maximize our playing time and avoid unnecessary curfews.
Paul Greenlee
VP of Hockey