Guidelines for Special Event Rentals at Hector's Lounge

  1. Hector's is available for use by BOHC members in good standing.

  2. Send rental requests to Not all requests can be granted. Prior entry to set-up/decorate can usually be arranged upon rental confirmation.

  3. There is a $100 fee paid directly to bartender upon arrival. It is a cash bar (Visa, MC & debit are accepted but no cash-back). Very reasonable prices.

  4. There is a refrigerator and an oven available for use. The oven is for warming only, no food preparation is permitted.

  5. Please supply your own serving dishes, utensils, disposable plates, etc. Trash bags/bins will be supplied.

  6. Club must be tidied, decorations removed and furniture returned to original position before leaving at conclusion of event. Please no confetti. Last call will be at 1:00am in order to facilitate clean up by 2:00am.

  7. Any leftover food, etc must be put into available garbage containers or completely removed from premises. Absolutely NOTHING can be disposed of in the drains or toilets. Nothing should be left in refrigerator.

  8. Smoking is only permitted outside the front door. There is a sand filled container for butts. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is permitted outside.

  9. There is ample parking available at rear of building as well as the front.