BOHC Referee Association

Referee Association

Executive Referee in Chief  
Assistant Referee in Chief
Assessment and Supervisor
Rules Committee
Discipline Committee
Mike Veerman -
Peter Woodhouse
Rick Greenspoon
Bob Pring and Rick Greenspoon
Frank Belanger
Jim Boyd


2 Scott Browes
3 Jim Leonard
7 Bill Sanford
9 Brian Bishop
10 Norm Hastie
11 Steve McLellan
12 Don Abma
13 Steve Crocker
14 Gary Verdone
15 Greg Beitz
19 Jay Lemay
21 Brad Penwell
22 Wayne Hill
24 Joe Bedard
25 Bob Pring
27 Harold Shearer
29 Doug Pladsen
30 Steve Walsh
32 Frank Belanger
33 Rick Mt. Pleasant
36 Bill Leithead
37 John Worobec
41 Mike Veerman
44 Bob Hill
45 David Cantlon
50 Roland Hervieux
57 Peter Woodhouse
58 Garry Stewart
62 Tim Thomson
63 Mark Kardosh
76 Arnie Ward
77 Vic Robinson
94 Derrick Donati

Message by the Executive Referee in Chief

Welcome back for another season of BOHC hockey. Enjoy the season of hockey and all the social aspects that accompany it. Have fun, good luck and see you on the ice or at club! As a quick reminder the objective is for a safe and fun season of hockey for everyone and that’s why we’re here.  

Any issues please use your captain who will forward it to conveners and then to VP Hockey On Ice Operations. We will look into anything brought to our attention.
Mike Veerman -