Join at Any Time of the Year

Please note that FULL TIME positions for the 2023-2024 season are filled by seniority as we do every year.

Every new member (who joins after the season begins) starts off in one of the divisional pools. To join our pool, fill out an application and drop it off at the Club, and a cheque for $50 made out to BOHC… you will get a ‘Welcome’ phone call or email when you are added to our membership.

Because some members chose to stay in the pool because they cannot commit to the 50-game schedule due to work, personal, or family commitments through the week, most pool players who wish to play full-time get that opportunity during their first or second seasons.

There are typically 15-25 players, including goalies, in each divisional pool. Each division has a Pool Convener who is responsible for calling pool players to fill in for absentees. He keeps track of the calls/emails to ensure all pool players have equal opportunity to play.

Member Application 2023-2024 (PDF)