Updated October 1, 2022

Registration – 2022-2023 Season

Winter Hockey: 2022-2023 (50-game season)  
Full time Player cheques: (June 30, $340 and Sept 1, $300 ($640)
Pool Player: $40  (plus  $18 per game)

Summer Hockey: 2022 (22 game season)   
  Summer Player: cheque $300.00
  Summer Pool Player: per game fee $18.00  

Other Memberships  
  Referee Fee $40.00
  Social Members $25.00

Member refund policy

  1. Before any refund for full time players can be considered, written notice must be issued by the divisional convenor and submitted to the membership chairman for approval.
  2. Before play begins (play begins once the teams are drafted) The club will withhold $25 from members requesting full refunds.  This is a non refundable and you remain a social member of the club until the next registration cycle.
  3. Once play begins, in the case of an injury or illness, a refund will only be considered if it is felt that the extent of the injury will not allow him to play for most of the rest of the season. If, subsequent to receiving a refund, a player is able to return to play, that player will only be able to return as a replacement player if there is another player going to the pool, and this may be on any divisional team.
  4. The amount of the player refund will be prorated, determined by the number of games remaining in the season and the amount to be collected from the player replacing the individual who is injured or ill. The player’s sweater and socks must be turned in prior to the refund being paid.