The Referee’s Choice – Keith Dunlop Award (aka: Mr. Oldtimer)

Richard Krummenacher

Richard Krummenacher




Gunther Kaschuba


Peter Greig


Mr. Keith Dunlop

Keith was Referee in Chief during the 90’s. He demonstrated a strong focus on developing and maintaining the principles of fair play with knowledgeable referees in support of the desired overall culture of B.O.H.C.  Keith was a true gentleman who earned the respect of others. He always put the needs of B.O.H.C. before any measures required.

This principle was evident in Board Meetings whenever a strong voice was needed to insure decisions being made were aligned with the values and well being of the league. His many contributions were based on his demonstration of respect, integrity, common sense and generous spirit - which has stood the test of time and for this we will always be grateful.

-- Regards - Bill Goodwin (Keith Dunlop Award Winner 1991 and again in 1999)

Complete Winners Listing  

2022/2023     Richard Krummenacher
2021/2022     Gunther Kaschuba
2019/2020     Peter Greig
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1991/1992     Bill Goodwin, Ed Ashley-Smith
1990/1991     Norm Pinkerton
1989/1990     Andre LeClerc, Charlie, Spurr, Gord Mathieson
1988/1989     Bill Threader


Jim Boyd


Scot Cameron


Wayne Hill


Allan Hale


Mike Veerman


Andre LeClerc


Gil Verwey


Dennis Sauriol