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BOHC 2021 Hockey Pool

09/01/2021 Saturday

BOHC hockey pool 2021

Join us for our 2021 BOHC Hockey Pool to help support Hectors

Please join our BOHC 2021 Hockey Pool to support our very own HECTORS Clubhouse. Will Pugh has set up an NHL pool for us that is very simple to follow and will give us all something to cheer about – hockey-related for this season.

You enter your own picks here – cost for each entry is $25 (Please use your own name for the team name if possible)

To help with any questions however, email Will at

Payment – you can pay by etransfer, Credit Card or Paypal using this link here

Enter before NHL games being January 14th. 50% of the funds raised go to Hectors, 50% to prizes 1 through 5 TBD