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2019 Christmas Dance

03/11/2019 Sunday


Please join us for a fun night of music, dancing, talking, drinking and prizes.  

Buy raffle tickets for our prize table and support the Burlington Food Bank.

Talk to members of your team and c'mon out together.

Location:         Burlington Legion Hall, 828 Legion Road (Upper Floor)
Date/Time:      Saturday, Nov. 30th, 7:00 pm, tickets also available at the door

This event was started by Gerry Large over 20 years ago and has always been a great social for the Club and their wives. We sell raffles tickets at the Legion to win a prize and every team donates prizes for our prize table.  You purchase draw tickets, put them in a box under the item that you want to win.

This event has become a BOHC tradition - we have door prizes, a prize table, live music, a bake sale and dancing, its a event that you bring your wife to. The event is held at the Legion and we support our local businesses by purchasing our supplies for the event locally.

The event raises money to support the Burlington Food Bank.


Colin Ashdown -

Christmas Dance (Social Night) Coordinator.