1. All players must be thirty-five (35) years of age by February 20th of current year
  2. Persons playing for a CAHA sanctioned or professional team are not allowed to participate in the tournament.
  3. A player must be on the official roster and play at least two round robin games to be eligible to play in the division championship game. Goalies must play at least one game in round robin to be eligible. Any exceptions must be approved by Invitational committee members.
  4. Any player can only be on one team roster
  5. Rosters must include at least nine players and a goalie for each game


There are eleven divisions of four teams each. Top two teams earning the most points will advance to the division championship of their division on Sunday.

All games will have a three (3) minute warm-up and the games will be two (2) fifteen (15) minute stop time periods. A mercy rule will be in effect, a five (5) goal lead with five (5) minutes remaining in the second period, the clock will run, even if the margin has been narrowed.

Blue line icing will be observed – the centerline will not be used.

In the event of a tie of two or more teams after the round robin, ties will be broken as follows:

  1. Two teams tied, the winner of the head-to-head game advances
  2. If more than two teams are tied, add the goals-for and subtract the goals-against. The highest total advances.
  3. If still tied, the least number of penalty minutes advances.


Overtime will only apply to the championship games and consist of:

  1. There will be a series of 1 minute stop time segments of decreasing player power
  2. Each minute starts with a face-off and ends in a time keeper's signal
  3. Face-offs occur where the play stopped and the 20 second face-off rule applies (basically, line up quickly and get going)
  4. There will be unlimited substitution (including goalies).  Player changes may be made at the end of each minute segment but NOT on Referee whistle stoppages.  All other changes must be made on the fly.


  1. There will be three segments in the overtime format:

               - 1st Minute:     3 on 3 plus the goalie or substitute

               - 2nd minute:    2 on 2 plus the goalie or substitute      

               - 3rd minute:    1 on 1 plus the goalie or substitute 

  1. The third segment will continue until a goal is scored with no further stoppage in time by the timekeeper.
  2. In the third segment substitution can be made anytime including referee whistle stoppages.

This is a CARHA sanctioned event and CARHA rules apply.



  1. Minor – 2 minutes, Major – 5 minutes
  2. Three minor penalties to any player in the same game will require automatic expulsion from that game. A substitute player will be placed in the penalty box to serve the penalty.
  3. Major or Misconduct penalties will result in automatic ejection of the player from that game. The team being assessed a five (5) minute stop time penalty will place a substitute player in the penalty box to serve the penalty.
  4. Second Major or Misconduct will result in ejection from the balance of the tournament.
  5. Fighting and/or match penalty will result in suspension of the player from the tournament.
    Note: in application of rules 3 and 4, the offending team official (Coach, Captain) is responsible for ensuring that the rule is enforced and the penalized player does not participate in any further tournament play. Failure to comply will result in the team being disqualified.
  6. Coincidental penalties will not cause the teams to be shorthanded.
  7. High sticking is called on contact only (puck or person) - contacting the puck with a stick above the shoulders will result in a penalty
  8. Body checking is not allowed and the rule will be strictly enforced
  9. Slap shots are not allowed and the rule will be strictly enforced – from the top of the boot (skate)
  10. The visiting team will have the choice of sweaters in the event of colour similarity. In the case of a dispute, the Tournament Committee will make the final decision.

Every effort is made to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all players in our tournament. If there are any questions please consult one of the Invitational Committee members.

Click here to download and print a copy of the 2017 tournament rules