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Summer Hockey Registration

04/03/2020 Wednesday

Registration for 2020 Summer Hockey is now open!

If you are not familiar with BOHC Summer Hockey, we have 12 teams (each made up of players from all 8 divisions) playing 22 games from April 29th through the second week of September, with almost all games on Wednesday nights.  There are no standings and no playoffs, but there is a tonne of fun to be had meeting players from all other divisions.

Please note that this registration is separate from registration Winter 2020-21 hockey registration, which follows after this Summer registration.

1)  The price this Summer for fulltime is $290, there is no fee to register as a pool player

2)  Fulltime spots will be filled first by those who were fulltime last Summer, and then by overall club seniority

  • This year you can register online for fulltime or the pool using the email address BOHC has on record for you, but please note that ONLY players who finished last Summer’s season as fulltime will be fully registered as received, all others will be on hold until the deadline
  • Players can register online for the pool and indicate that they would like fulltime if they qualify based on seniority
  • You can also register by paper form with a cheque attached or credit info (Visa or MasterCard only) provided on the form – there is a lock-box at Hectors to drop off registrations and to protect the privacy of the credit card info
  • We will not process payment until fulltime status is confirmed as we are trying to minimize processing fulltime registration payments that would then need to be refunded if the player does not get fulltime status

3)  Registration will close Saturday, March 28th at 5:00 PM at Hectors, which will be open Saturday for last minute in-person registrations.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS

4)  Note that you must also be registered for the upcoming Winter 2020-21 season (FT or pool) and be a member in good standing in order to remain eligible to play 2020 Summer Hockey.  Winter registration starts AFTER Summer registration closes to be sure to register for Winter 2020-01 as soon as possible.

5)  There is no charge to sign up as a pool player, just the $15 per game fee (skaters & goalies).  Pool players can sign up online or using the registration form.  It is very important that we know the quickest and best method to contact pool players.  Email is preferred, but we do our best to accommodate players who prefer text, cell phone, home phone or office phone as well.

6)  The first games will be Wednesday April 29th and will be played every Wednesday April through August – the only exceptions are games Tues June 30th and Sept 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th (Tues/Thurs).

7)  Every applicant must sign the waiver on the registration form.

Here is the paper version of the 2020 Summer Registration form

If you are interested in being a Summer captain, please email me at

We are also looking for pool convenors, again please email me at if interested.

This marks our 16th season of Summer Hockey thanks to Peter Austin & Gary Downer growing it from 4 teams to the current 12 over the first 10 years – your Summer Hockey convenors intend to keep this tradition of fun fair play going for many years to come.


Jordan Dankowich

Summer Convenor