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President's Welcome

05/10/2020 Monday

Jeff Davis

Dear Friends

It is my great pleasure and honour to accept the role of President of the Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club.  This is our 45th year in operation since being founded in 1975.  Our club had humble beginnings of being a safe place to play hockey, a place to build camaraderie but equally important was to give back to the community.  We as a Club have held true to those values and will continue to build on that legacy created by the founders as well as all those that followed continuing those important values.

As you are well aware, covid-19 has made this to be a rather difficult and challenging time for all of us.  It has impacted us in our daily lives.  While things have opened up a bit, this has presented us an opportunity to get back to playing hockey.  This is certainly a welcome distraction for all of us but we will have to adhere to the new rules and procedures that allows us to do so.  Things are not the same, so you will have to expect things to be different but we must all do our part to help mitigate some of the risks associated with the virus in order to safely play hockey.  We will require everyone’s patience and adherence to these new rules for your sake and all of your fellow members.

Your Board of Directors work hard on behalf of the entire membership and continually do so with the best interests of Club in mind.  There are a number of new members that have joined the Board of Directors this year and I would like to introduce and welcome Paul Greenlee as the Director of On-Ice Operations and Jordan Dankowich as Secretary.  We also have a couple of changes where Peter Jakob will move from Secretary to Director of Special Events, Paul Gentle is moving from Director of On-Ice Operations to VP and of course Wendall Ahearn will move to his new role as Past President.  Thank you to all of the Board of Directors for volunteering your time, your commitment and the hard work that goes along with overseeing and running this amazing Club and ensuring our role in and contribution to our community is ever present.

Our original BOWSER Babes have decided to retire after an incredible 29 year run.  Over their tenure, these amazing women have raised over 144,000 pounds of food and household items and $311,339 in cash.  On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank Michelle Wood, Louise Addison, Joanne Patterson, Barb Charron, Carolyn Park and Pat Broadbent for your dedication to such a worthy cause and all their hard work every month throughout the last 29 seasons.  As a result of their commitment and dedication, the Bowser Babes have received the Hector Award to recognize their contributions to the Club and community.  Although the Original Bowser Babes are retiring, all is not lost.  One current member of the Bowser Babes, Joanne Patterson, has volunteered to keep this amazing initiative continuing.  Thank you very much Joanne for continuing on and we look forward to helping you throughout the season to continue on with the amazing work that you do.

Safety and the well being of our members is always important to us as a Club.  As a reminder, have fun out there, but please respect the game and most importantly respect your fellow members.  Winning is not important but being out there enjoying the game and your friends is what it is all about.

Don’t forget to support Hectors.  Safety protocols are in place to ensure a safe environment to spend time having laughs with your friends.  This is your club and we will need your support even more this year and look forward to seeing you at the club. 

Once again, we are asking for everyone’s understanding and patience this year while we try to push through this season and some of the challengers presented.  Let’s go out have some fun, be safe, be careful and look out for yourself and your fellow members. 

Jeff Davis, BOHC President