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No-Hockey Update

13/03/2020 Friday

BOHC - The Season that Was - REFUNDS

April 1, 2020

Just a quick update on what we will be doing with the 2019-2020 season refunds.

We have reviewed a number of different options and have decided on doing the following. Since we have had many members asking about donating their refund to one of our worthy charities, especially under the circumstances, we will be providing everyone with three options which are:

  1. donate their refund to The Burlington Food Bank,
  2. donate to the Carpenters Hospice
  3. receive a refund cheque.

We will require your assistance in order to do this and have asked your captains to coordinate with their teams to provide us with what each of their players would like to do.

So please contact your team captain and let them know your preference. We are looking at having a deadline of APRIL 8 to not drag out the process and the default option, if you don’t respond, will be a refund cheque.

So please email your Captain your choice. Winter registration info for next season will be provided soon.

Thank you
Pete Greig,
Membership VP


March 31, 2020

It is with much disappointment that we must announce that the 2020 BOHC Summer Hockey season has been cancelled entirely due to the City cancelling all recreational facilities until the end of June, at a minimum.
Those who have already paid for registration and also received notification that your registration was processed by BOHC (a 2-step process) will be refunded.
Those who paid for registration, but did not yet receive the email notification that it was processed by BOHC (the step 2) will soon receive that notification (as it is a necessary step to reconcile all details) – and then your refund will be processed.
Those of you who submitted paper forms with credit information or cheques, these will not will be processed and instead will be destroyed.
Finally, for the 2021 Summer Hockey season the 2019 Summer hockey seniority will carry over.
I apologize I could not respond to all of your many emails, texts and calls prior to today – hopefully this answers all your questions.
Jordan Dankowich
Summer convenor


March 24, 2020

2019-2020 Season

Sorry boys, our BOHC Winter season is officially cancelled. The season is over. All season-ending BBQs / awards nights will be planned for September and coincide with division stag nights. This is assuming the current conditions change for the better over the spring and summer.
Each player will be refunded the number of games remaining. For returning players the refunds will become credits and will be applied to registration fees for next season. For non-returning players, cheques will be issued in late summer or fall. We are still working out the details for this process and will update you when the plan is finalized.

Wendall Ahearn

Summer Hockey
Dear Fellow Summer Hockey Enthusiasts
As you can imagine the COVID-19 situation is presenting a number of challenges and uncertainties for all of us – I hope you are well and finding ways to stay healthy and weather this storm. I’d like to take a moment to communicate out where we are with respect to the BOHC 2020 Summer Hockey season.
As of this moment we have suspended registration for Summer Hockey – while we have not yet shortened or cancelled the season obviously both are very distinct possibilities and are pending further discussion and updates.  I cannot provide any further clarity at the moment but will do so as soon as any decisions are made.

  • For those of you who have paid in full by credit card, your registration will be fully processed and if/when necessary refunds will be processed (pro-rated for a shortened season or in full for a cancelled season) – cheques will not be cashed at this time.
  • For those of you who registered online and were not able to register for fulltime but would be entitled to fulltime due to finishing the 2019 Summer season as fulltime, rest assured I have all necessary records to ensure your fulltime status should a Summer season proceed.
  • For the many questions about “I want to play on team-x”, rest assured that if the season goes ahead I have all teams from last year and will sort that out if/when the time comes for a draft.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime, we will try to assess available information and come to a final decision as soon as is reasonable. Stay safe and stay healthy,
Jordan (Jordo) Dankowich
Summer Convenor 



March 18, 2020

We appreciate your patience while we stick-handle around these uncertain times.

Further to our announcement last Friday suspending play until April 1st, the City closed all rinks in Burlington until Sunday, April 5th. The City has agreed to refund the affected ice-rental portion of our current contract and rest assured we plan to reimburse players once we work out the details. Like you, we are hoping for a miracle and to see arenas opening up and our games resuming. 

Your Board of Directors continue to review our options regarding the Winter season and the approaching Summer season.  We have a meeting scheduled for Monday, March 23rd, where we will discuss the options and finalize some decisions on what we plan to do moving forward.  Sorry we don't have any immediate answers for you at this time however we are open to suggestions and comments in the meantime. Lets work together boys.

We will continue to keep you up to date with any related changes at BOHC.

GOOD NEWS - Burlington Food Bank receives timely donation from BOHC BOWSER Babes
The BOWSER Babes collected donations to-date from our BOHC Players and have provided the Burlington Food Bank with an early cheque for $10,000. This comes as great news in lieu of Ontario's state of emergency response to the pandemic. Volunteers are doing their best to build hampers for Food Bank clients. We will gather the Babes as soon as we are able to thank them along with a proper photo. Thanks BOHC – great job everyone!!!

We are very proud of our players and the BABES efforts. You make a huge difference in our community.

Thank you,

Wendall Ahearn



March 13, 2020

Gentlemen – we appreciate all the advice and response from our communication yesterday. As a result of these global events, the Board of Directors has decided to suspend play for a few weeks and reassess before our Round Robin.

Further to our previous message The City of Burlington has closed all large gathering events, all March Break events and plan to shut down all rinks as well. Most leagues like ours are SUSPENDING play and our own insurance provider CARHA has also recommended suspending all games.
We know many of our members may not like this but there is an opportunity to at least slow down and prevent the spread of this disease to our members, to their families, and to the community.  These are difficult times and our intent is to ensure the welfare of our members and community at large. 

  • We intend to use the CURRENT STANDINGS as final standings for the season.
  • We hope to resume play on April 1 (BARRING ANY FURTHER ADVERSE DEVELOPMENTS and after reassessment of the situation) for the Round Robin
  • HECTORs Lounge will be CLOSED until play resumes

Going forward,

  • Do NOT use the team water bottles – each player is responsible for their OWN
  • Do not shake hands – either simply nod, or GLOVES ON fist bump. The refs do not have gloves so please just nod 

All players and refs with symptoms such as a fever, coughing, or difficulty breathing, are asked to remain home and report symptoms to their health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000).

We will continue to keep you up to date with any related changes at BOHC.

Thank you,

Wendall Ahearn