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News - Jan 27, 2021

27/01/2021 Wednesday

BOHC 2021 Hockey Update

Our Burlington arenas sit idle during the imposed lockdown - its so sad.


For most of us, hockey and the BOHC is a big part of our lives outside of family and work and losing it has left a huge gap in our social and physical lives. We want you to know that we really do have the best interest of everyone in mind and looking out for our members and the Club - here's what we've been up to.

So many people in our community and many of our members have been so kind and generous to sponsor/advertise with us every season. We plan to continue to highlight our BOHC sponsors to thank them and help them out now. Returning the favour.

What's going on at the BOHC behind the scenes? Your Board has been keeping up with regular communication together and with the City, monitoring all things covid-related and with recreation throughout the province while keeping an eye on what other leagues are doing.

  • We want to know how covid-related shut downs in the city may affect us long term.
  • In communication with the City on all things recreation and hockey related to the BOHC
  • Summer Hockey - hope to have a decision in February/March
  • Winter 2021-22 season - TBD we are prepared to hold off any premature decisions regarding our upcoming regular season until new developments transpire
  • Hectors continues to be shutdown and Buck has cleaned out the fridges and returned stock to the beer store for refunds.

BOHC Hockey Pool Update

Thanks to Will Pugh again for organizing this pool for us all. We ended up with 175 paid entries, After subtracting our costs, together we raised just shy of $2,000 to help pay the bills at Hectors until we get hockey organized once again, and it is safe to re-open our clubhouse.  Over and above all that, we have the following prize table.

First Place $960
Second Place $600
Third Place $300
Fourth Place $200
2nd Last Place $27
Prize Funds $2,087

GUESS WHAT! – each pool team is allowed to log in and make one trade/swap each month including January and here’s how it works
It’s easy to do – don’t worry – click here to get started
LOG IN and then you can make an adjustment – do it now!

  • Click on the "Box Trade" icon at the top of the standings page
    it will then list your team on the left side of the new page.
  • At the top of this list is a note "Box trades: 1/1 (or 0/1) available this month"
  • Click on the purple(?) button to the left of the players name you want to trade OUT
    this will load all the players from that box on the right side.
  • Click on the purple button to the left of the player you want to trade
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, there will be a bar that says "Confirm Exchange"
  • THAT'S IT - the deal is done!  Points from that date forward will be counted for your NEW player, added to the current points of your OLD player.

Hope you enjoy the pool, your suggestions are always welcome, send them to Hector at
Thanks again guys. 

Sad News - RIP Wayne Hill

 wayne hill

Following is a note from Wayne's son Howie...
I wanted to let your organization know that my father, Wayne Hill, passed away on Tuesday afternoon after a battle with multiple myeloma. He cherished the relationship he had with all of you as players, rink staff, management and officials. He was happiest when he was either with his family or on the ice. He was such a good man and such a dedicated referee and called a game with such skill, grace, poise and unique, yet subtle flair. I remember going to many games just to watch him. Who goes to a game to watch a referee? He was worthy of spectators. Thank you for being such an important part of his life. Howie Hill

Thank You to Our Sponsors

We can still support our community in other ways boys. Please consider supporting our BOHC SPONSORS whenever possible to show our community spirit.

Al's  AMJ  brookdale

Many of our BOHC sponsors would welcome support from our members and it would go a long way to show how much we appreciate the dollars spent by the advertisers each year.

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We're not surprised that the City is unable to commit to anything hockey-related currently.  I guess it is a wait and see approach for at least another couple of months.  BOHC will continue to plan out our future scenarios and try to keep up on any news or developments working with our Convenors and members to bring hockey back.

Let us know how you're doing brothers! Please do your best to keep safe.

Jeff Davis
President BOHC