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MORE than just a Hockey Club

16/04/2020 Thursday

MORE than just a Hockey Club!

April 16, 2020 - I hope you are all well and staying safe.

The BOHC has built on a strong tradition of volunteering in our community and is known for its commitment to helping out The Burlington Food Bank and the Carpenters Hospice. We have been busy tabulating the responses to your requests for the Winter Season Refund allocation and the results are in. As you know we had three refund options:
1 Food Bank ($37,754)
2 Carpenters Hospice ($12,900)
3 Refund personally
We will submit names and info to the charities and request Income Tax Receipts for you. Thank you for being so kind during the crisis in Burlington. Together we make a huge difference!
In addition to the refunds there were several BOHC teams that donated their remaining winter team kitty funds to the Food Bank on behalf of BOWSER in lieu of missing the final two bower days for the season.
$200 – team 21 (white)
$420 – team 23 (white)
$440 – team 24 (white)
$1,000 – team 25 (white)
$920 – team 26 (white)
$530 -- team 35 (black)
$265 – team 34 (black)
$380 – team 41 (green)
$430 – team 45 (green)
$200 – team 51 (blue)
$350 – team 52 (blue)
$170 – team 53 (blue)
$495 – team 54 (blue)
$350 – team 55 (blue)
$240 – team 56 (blue)
$185 – team 71 (gold)
$710 – team 73 (gold)
$500 – anonymous
$400 – BOHC Refs
$8,185 – total
Thank you to the Black division for getting this initiative started and thanks to all the teams that donated.

From Robin Bailey – (Burlington Food Bank)
We just want to thank the BOHC and Bowser for all they have done for us over the years and especially now during these tough times.  Over the last number of months we have seen an increase in Food Bank use here and even more so now.  Thankfully we have tremendous supporters like all of you that allow us to not only get non-perishable food and hygiene products out to families in need but also fresh produce, dairy and meat.  We would also like you to use your network of friends, family and acquaintances to let those who may not have seen this type of financial burden and need assistance to contact us and we will gladly arrange to get food to them. Thank You!

From Our BOWSER Babes

Not enough good things can be said for the generosity shown by the Burlington Oldtimers hockey players. Your support of the Bowser Babes on behalf of the Burlington Food Bank for the past 29 years has been phenomenal. During that time, you’ve donated over a quarter of a million dollars and close to a hundred thousand food and household items. And now that we’ve been hit with this dreadful covid-19 virus. you’ve gone completely over the top by donating your refunds and team funds to assist with the hardships that have further befallen so many of our fellow citizens. You are extremely kind people and your generosity will make such a difference. Good on you!!!

With gratefulness and thanks, The Bowser Babes -- Michele Wood, Barb Charron, Louise Addison, Carolyn Park, Pat Broadbent and Johanne Patterson

From Don Osborne – (Carpenters)
I can’t say enough about the support BOHC continues to offer Carpenter Hospice and the Food Bank. Given the challenges many families are facing these days, the generosity of our members is truly amazing. We are currently clearing deficiencies at the new Hospice building - paint, ceiling tiles,...etc. The mechanical and electrical trades are completing air system balancing, kitchen appliance hookups and washroom fixture connections. We plan to have the building fit to occupy by mid May IF ALL goes well. Administration staff will be the first to move in. We are currently seeking the building permits for the existing Hospice building. These are needed before renovation work can start.
Summer – Jordan Dankowich
Thank you to Jordan and his team for all the work they did preparing for Summer Hockey this year, they are very disappointed they could not provide this popular fun experience this year! Refunds for those who paid by credit card will be processed shortly (after Winter 2019-20 has been completed) and all cheques that were provided have not been cashed and will be destroyed
From all of us – BOHC
What will each division do at its awards night in September? Who would have won? It’s nice to see the Horse Race is on (on the website) albeit no results. And this Sunday the 19th would have been our championship day! You are not alone, All our members are going absolutely crazy right about now. We miss our hockey and all our friends at the rink and at Hectors. We have always said that we’re more than a hockey league, we’re a family. Let us know if you or members you know are in need of help during this trying time.
Registration – Peter Greig, VP Membership
Don’t forget to register before May 1 for the next season so that we can plan and prepare. Despite current unprecedented global events, BOHC needs to follow the regular registration cycle for next season. This must be done so divisions and teams are set and ready to go on short notice whenever the City gives us our ice package for next winter. Check the website late next week for an alphabetical listing of registered names for next season.
Register here online -
The cost for full-time, 50-game play, remains unchanged at $640. Pro-rated refunds at $12 per game will be issued if a shortened season is forced upon us. Online full-time registrants must pay $640 using a credit card. The only way to split that amount is to fill out the form, (, Provide two cheques made out to 'BOHC' - $300 dated May 1/20 and $340 dated Sept 1/20 - and mail it to us or drop it off at Hectors in the front entrance locked mailbox. Register by May 1st to keep your full-time spot by club seniority. After May 1st, 'first-come, first-served' applies. And Pool players, make sure to register for full-time play if you want it.
Golf Tournament – Gil Verwey
Gil and the boys refuse to say the golf day is cancelled, instead they say the tournament is postponed!
Stay Safe boys, the longer we stay apart the sooner we can all get together again.

Wendall Ahearn
President BOHC