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MORE than just a Hockey Club

22/06/2019 Saturday

MORE than just a Hockey Club!

September 10, 2019 -- Annual Contribution to the Carpenters Hospice

Carpenters Hospice

One of the great stories in Burlington is The Carpenter Hospice. The Hospice provides a respectful and comfortable environment for our final days. The Burlington Oldtimers have had a number of members at the Hospice over the years and we also have some members that are regular volunteers. The Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club (BOHC) is proud to present our 2018-19 season donation of a cheque for $17,399 to The Carpenter Hospice.

This donation is thanks to our players generosity and is a result of the following events and contributions… Proceeds from our Annual Invitational Tournament and the annual Golf Tournament along with donations from the Black and Blue divisions, the Hockey Hall of Fame fundraiser, and our Hectors bartenders amounted to $17,399.

Shown here are John Andersen (BOHC Invitational), Gil Verwey (Burlington Oldtimers Golf Classic), Wendall Ahearn (President, BOHC), Paul Ivey (Golf), Rahnee Howe (Golf), and Jeff Davis (VP Hockey, BOHC), presenting the cheque to Don Osborne (Director, The Carpenter Hospice).

September 10, 2019 -- Annual Contribution to the Food Bank

Food Bank

During the annual kick-off meeting at Hectors, shown here are Wendall Ahearn, Jeff Davis, Pat Broadbent and Colin Ashdown presenting Robin Bailey of the Burlington Food Bank with a cheque which includes the BOWSER BABES cash contribution for the 2018-19 season. Including the Christmas dance donation, it brings the BOWSER season total to $19,310 and 3,553 food items. Thanks for your amazing efforts!

June 20, 2019 -- BOWSER BABES – Annual Contribution

In the fall of 1992, six hockey wives formed BOWSER (Burlington Oldtimers’ Women Supplying Emergency Relief).  Their mandate was to help the less fortunate residents of Burlington with a monthly collection of food and cash, all of which would be donated to the Burlington Food Bank. Each month during the hockey season the “BOWSER BABES” are at arenas collecting non-perishable food items and household necessities.


Shown here are Michele Wood, Louise Addison, Johanne Patterson, Robin Bailey, Barb Charron, Carolyn Park and Pat Broadbent. To date, through BOWSER, the BOHC  (Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club), members have contributed, 89,768 food and household items as well as $253,280 all donated to those in need in our Burlington community. 

BOHC is recognized as the major contributor to the Burlington Food Bank. Our thanks go out to our BOHC members and to the amazing “BOWSER BABES”.
Wendall Ahearn
President, BOHC