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Hockey News - June 18, 2021

18/06/2021 Friday

Update from Hockey Operations - June 18, 2021

To all members of the BOHC.

A quick update for our membership. Registration has been on-going since the middle of May and the response has been overwhelming which is awesome!

We have enough players to resume our league as it was pre-Covid, however we do not have enough goalies to run all eight divisions at this point. We only have enough goalies to run 7 divisions at this time. In order not to have to communicate to 85 full time players that they will have to move to the pool, we are still hopeful we can get us up to our normal eight full divisions.

We are extending the registration to the end of June. We are hopeful that more goalies will sign up by then, but we will have to cut off registration at this time as we need time to get the league up and running. If any of you know of any goalies that we could sign up, please speak to them about signing up for full time play in the BOHC. We particularly need goalies in our Gold, Grey and Blue divisions. We are planning on advertising for potential goalies as well.

After the registration is closed, we can determine our next course of action. If we get enough goalies to support an eight-division league we will move forward. Unfortunately, if we do not get more full time goalies we will have no choice but to reduce our league to seven divisions and fill these divisions as best we can based on seniority in the league. Regardless of the outcome we will provide more communications to the membership shortly after the end of June.

In other news, we have had meetings and continue to meet with the City to generate our ice package starting in late September. Once the package is finalized, we will create our schedule based on our final division counts. The city is working on the premise that we will have ice starting in late September. It is not known at this point what (if any) Covid protocols will be in place. More information will be provided on this as we receive it.

Have a great and healthy summer and we look forward to seeing all of you on the ice in the very near future.

BOHC Hockey Operations
Paul Gentle and Paul Greenlee


REGISTER as a Pool player, or if you already are a pool player and want to play full time - please let us know.

Burlington Vaccine Update


You may be eligible to reschedule your second dose. Before rescheduling your appointment check Who is currently eligible for a shortened interval in Halton. Go here for important information eligible populations need to know before booking an appointment at a Halton Vaccination Clinic. Please read carefully. If you have already booked your appointment, check our Preparing for your vaccination appointment

BOHC Playoff Hockey Pool with Horse Race

HORSE RACE June 10 morning
1 Leafs 3372
2 Rangers 3301
3 Hawks 3233.5
4 Habs 3227.5
5 Wings 3189.5
6 Bruins 3120.5

Questions? Ask Hector at

Thank You to Our Sponsors

We can still support our community in other ways boys. Please consider supporting our BOHC SPONSORS whenever possible to show our community spirit.


Many of our BOHC sponsors would welcome support from our members and it would go a long way to show how much we appreciate the dollars spent by the advertisers each year

Thanks guys

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We are really happy to see so much interest in getting back out there. In the coming days BOHC is meeting with the City to discuss our hopes to be able to re-apply for full 8 divisions but the next couple weeks will tell. Very impressed boys - Please help us find goalies and players - spread the word. For everyone that already registered by or deadline - Thank you again.

Jeff Davis
President BOHC