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Health Questionnaire

16/09/2020 Wednesday

BOHC - covid health screening questions

September 16, 2020

You MUST answer this questionnaire prior to every game you play

Part of our commitment to safety in the coming season means following city protocols.

One of the government rules is that we all need to answer covid-related health questions before every game we play (players, refs and scorekeepers). We developed an app for you to use before every game. We are required to save the data from day 1 and ongoing. If one of us comes down with covid then we can view our results of the answers to date. More than likely we wouldn’t find out for days afterwards so then we can use our data to see who came in contact with who. Each group (to start the season) is limited to only three teams in our division so we would contact you asap to announce that you may have been in contact with someone on these dates ands suggest that you get yourself tested asap. So that’s why we have this app and why you are required to complete it before each game. This is for contact tracing to make it a quick process and a contained group.

Games on the app will not show up until at least 48 hours prior to the game day so that our testing is as current as possible. if you were to walk into the arena to play on any given night, the team captain will have a screen (a captains view) that shows him all the green lights or otherwise and will send you home if you have not done your test. OR you could also open your phone, log in and compete the test right there and he will see it instantly on refresh - so all good.

Since games begin Saturday, we will be live on Thursday.

  1. Go to
  2. Register yourself as a Player – this is a separate app from the bohc registration, so just enter your email address and the information asked.
  3. Then Log in with your email address
  4. Click on a game you are answering for
  5. Answer all questions – if you get the green checkmark you are done
  6. You can click (back to games) if you like to answer for another game or to change your answers if you made a mistake

Pool players Register themselves based on whichever division they are in – so on team 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 or 79 when they log in they will see all of their divisions games and then they would register for each game they are playing in. The team captains for both of the teams in that game will see their test results show up for their team (even if the poolie is playing for the other team and not their own). It was the easiest path to get their results to show up for the captains and not dump that on the pool convenors. So they register as team 19 for orange then they answer the test for the game they were assigned to 

This does away with all paperwork and it also saves data for us -- we are following the rules set out for us all.