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BOHC Winter Registration

26/03/2019 Tuesday

Registration for 2019/20 is now complete!

Registration for next winter season is now complete and, after untimely system upgrades and subsequent issues, I have been able to update the alphabetical listing posted here.

Please check it out and make sure that your registration info is correct and let me know of any issues because from this posted list, I will determine the 720 full time skaters and 48 full time goalies eligible to go into the divisional drafts... this should be done within a week or so.

Thanks to the many who helped with registration and support this process 'behind the scenes'. Sorry for the delays, thanks for your patience.

click here to view CURRENT MEMBERS REGISTERED ***  (as of May 24th) 


Join us at our AGM

Saturday May 11 – Burlington Oldtimers Golf Classic (BOGC 2019) - PHOTOS at the event

Monday June 3 – Annual General Meeting

Thanks everyone for helping us all make this a great season and for staying out of the penalty box. Most of all thanks for supporting the events and your community while we have a great time

Wendall Ahearn