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BOHC News - Oct 27

27/10/2020 Tuesday

It's Official, the 2020 Season has been Cancelled Completely

We hope all of you are doing well since our announcement a couple of weeks ago suspending the season and would like to provide you with an update. 

The Board of Directors recently met and reviewed the options available regarding the season.  After careful consideration of these options, we have decided to officially cancel the season entirely.  Once again, this decision was not taken lightly and is based on our experience of what caused the original suspension of the season as well as the fact that the Coronavirus is still very prevalent in our community with a very high transmission rate.  We all would love to continue playing hockey but, under the circumstances, we take our members health very seriously as well their families and the community at large.  Hockey is not bigger than everyone’s health and we hope that you all remain safe and healthy.

As a result of this decision, we can now move forward with providing refunds and this process is as follows:

  • Fulltime players will be refunded to the pool (minus the pool fee) as per our usual process.
  • Fulltime players without replacements and who communicated their desire to go to the pool after the season began will be refunded from the time they informed their Convenor of their wish to move to the pool.

All player refunds have been set up and, because of the volume, will be processed by TelPay over 7-10 business days beginning November 4th and cheques will be sent via mail to each players addresses on record with the club.  It is expected that the refund cheques will arrive in mailboxes within 3-4 weeks in a very plain-looking envelope easily mistaken for ‘junk mail’.

Regarding the collection of the jerseys and socks, your Convenors will receive a communication from the hockey executive on how and when this process will be completed, and Captains will be reaching out to each of you shortly regarding this process.

Hectors will continue to remain open on Friday’s from 4:00 - 7:00 and available for use by members on a request/reservation basis

Carpenter Hospice

This donation to Carpenter Hospice is a result of the BOHC Invitational last year led by Rick Fox and his amazing team. In addition, everyone that purchased some of our last-years jerseys added to the $6,695 here.

Green division's Don Osborne is the current Chair at Carpenter Hospice and thanked Jeff Davis for the presentation! BOHC has been one of the strongest supporters of Carpenter Hospice for a long time and 2020 was the most challenging year in our history. 

Way to go boys!


Thank you to the new Bowser Babes - Johanne Patterson, Anne McGraw, Camile Kelly, Kimberley Holloway, Susanne Becker, Kathy Harwood, Sue Malcomson, Tangy Rattray, and Jo Smith.

Johanne presented a $5,600 cheque today to the Burlington Food Bank that represents $ from last year's Christmas Dance event led by Colin Ashdown and Angelo Sottana. The extra help provided by Dan Marinac, Lino Fera  and Paul Kelly was greatly appreciated and helped make it a successful event. This year’s Christmas Dance was planned for November 28 at the Burlington Legion however, unfortunately this has been cancelled as well.  The Legion appreciates the league hosting events with them and for the BOHC this is the only annual event that involved wives/partners.

The new Babes had been working hard to try to get the monthly collections going while we were starting up but as we all know, the restrictions and safety precautions made it just about impossible - plus they wanted any collections to be as safe as possible for everyone and not have anyone enter arenas for collection. Better luck in 2021 everyone!

Goodbye 2020!

Before we could even get off the ground and send out our WELCOME to 2020 letter from the President, everything was shut down. We would like to thank Marc Gallant for all his work on the 2020 Player Book and also thank Don MacRae for donating a small print run and saving the Club a lot of $. We posted a copy online here --  View the 2020-2021 Player Book here

We thank you for your support throughout covid-19 and we look forward to seeing you all again at some point. Please do your best to keep safe.

Jeff Davis
President BOHC