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BOHC News - June 8, 2021

08/06/2021 Tuesday

BOHC Update - Registration June

Great News! We have had an overwhelming response during the recent registration period and are close to filling out the 8 divisions for our long anticipated play this upcoming season. Great job everyone!
We have extended the registration period (re-opened online registration) for another 2 weeks hoping to register more skaters and more goalies! Of course at the same time we need you pool players to let us know if you want to play full time! 
Please note... goalies are a rare breed as you know so if you're looking to play in net - now is the time to take advantage of the goalie gear sales. Or know anyone who's interested please pass the word along.

Having registration issues? Don't give up - reach out to if you are having trouble registering or logging in.


REGISTER as a Pool player, or if you already are a pool player and want to play full time - please let us know.

REGISTER by PRINTING off this form

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Thanks guys

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We are really happy to see so much interest in getting back out there. In the coming days BOHC is meeting with the City to discuss our hopes to be able to re-apply for full 8 divisions but the next couple weeks will tell. Very impressed boys - Please help us find goalies and players - spread the word. For everyone that already registered by or deadline - Thank you again.

Jeff Davis
President BOHC