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11/10/2018 Thursday

You guys were fantastic at the video shoot. The Sportsnet folks really enjoyed coming out, and I know Tara was blown away by our story and our generosity. We would like to thank everyone for making the Hometown Hockey night at Appleby such a fun night! The showcase game between the Black division Hawks and Bruins was an action-filled great game. 

Photos -

Videos – Hussein Handani and Bill Misener (C) – Dave Whyte (C) and Harold Shearer – post game Bruins – some action

Next up -- join us for the Hometown Hockey LIVE Festival Event - October 28th

We would love to have as many BOHC members come out with their Jersey’s on on Sunday, October 28. They will take a live shot of everyone in the audience. Need everyone at the festival at 7pm.

Festival location: Brant Street - 426 Brant St., Burlington, ON (city hall area)

Rogers Hometown Hockey hosted by Ron MacLean and Tara Slone on Sportsnet will be making its stop here Oct. 28. The weekend activities wrap up with an outdoor viewing party of the NHL game between the Ottawa Senators and the Vegas Golden Knights