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BOHC Equipment Donation

20/02/2019 Wednesday

BOHC - thanks for your help!

Remember earlier this season when Will Pugh (grey div) asked for your help... thought our members should be kept informed on the status of the used equipment they helped collect for our First Nations kids. This is a note from Will.

The four Rotary clubs in Burlington partnered with clubs in Etobicoke and Palgrave (Bolton) for this drive. Between us, we collected, sorted and packed up 57 skids (SKIDS!!) of gently used hockey equipment for kids to enjoy this great game in Ontario and in Nunavet. Actually, we collected so much equipment that 9 of the 57 skids were sent to the Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Wellness Council. These will be distributed to various communities that have needs.

In Ontario, First Nations communities of Grassy Narrows, Pikangikum, Mishkeegogmang, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Taykwa Tagamou Nation, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Iqualuit, and The Chippewa of Nawash. The estimated number of children outfitted is around 700, plus the overflow and miscellaneous that will be sent to everyone. That is not including the equipment sent to Manitoba, so there are going to be about 830 kids equipped for the dream of playing hockey, the greatest team sport in the world.

You know this game builds teamwork, participation and activity with our youth. It also builds community, both for the kids playing the game, and for those generous Oldtimers who so willingly parted with this equipment to make this difference in the lives of so many people.

So again, on behalf of the Rotary clubs of Burlington, thanks to the Oldtimers for their strong support.