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2018 Summer Hockey Registration

30/03/2018 Friday

Here are the results of 2018 Summer Fulltime Registrations as of 2018-03-29 (now including pool-specific requests) – we are truly sorry that we cannot accommodate all of the fulltime applicants, there was a high percentage of returning players and a great deal of interest in Summer Hockey this year.

> PDF Summer Registration 2018-03-29

If you applied for fulltime but did not get it, you are automatically placed in the pool...if for any reason you wish to be removed from the pool please let me know  As fulltime spots become available throughout the Summer we will fill them from those that did not get fulltime. 

Pool players can register at any time, there is no cut-off or limit for the pool – please complete this form > PDF 2018 Summer Hockey Registration Form and drop it off at Hectors or email it to


Teams will be drafted and will be posted to the website within the next couple weeks.



Jordan (Jordo) Dankowich

Summer Convenor -