It's Oldtimer-speak for "a place to exchange exaggerated stories over a cold one".


Six years after the formation of the BOHC in 1975, the Board of Directors realized a need for an office; a place to keep all the club records that could also be used as a meeting place for social events.

Dave Langdon suggested applying for a liquor license as well so the membership could have a private club to enjoy a beer (at affordable prices) after they played. After much discussion it was put to a membership vote and approved. Dave got right to work and, with the help of Larry Allan, Gerry Bardy and many others, the new clubhouse on Morris Drive opened it's doors in May 1981.

As the league expanded there was a need for a larger lounge and in October of 2001 Hector's was moved to it's present location across from Mainway arena.

The lounge got the name "Hector's" from the BOHC logo originally designed by Bill Dagleish. The original painting of  "Hector" continues to proudly hang behind the bar.

To help celebrate our 40th anniversary, and to honour our early members, many of the old photos now grace the walls of Hector's. On Friday afternoons many of the original and early members continue to gather at Hectors and Dave Langdon continues to tend bar. I encourage our present members to stop by and visit with the pioneers of our club, you will be welcomed warmly and will hear some great stories of the early years of the BOHC.


Mark Buchanan (Buck)
VP Administration