About The Pool


The pool may look like it has a lot of players, and your odds of getting a call are slim, but this is not usually the case. Generally speaking there are two kinds of pool players - those that have joined the season after the league filled all teams, and those who do not wish to play full time.

Some members jobs or family commitments would have them miss so many games they choose to play in the pool. It is these same people who often have to turn down offers to play pool games for the exact same reason. So,  even though there may be 30 guys in the pool, there may only be 5 or 6 people available on a given evening.

If a member in the Pool is going to be unable to play for an extended period of time (i.e. an injury), they can be assigned to the Inactive Pool until they are ready to play again.

Active Pool

Scott Alexander (G)
Bill Fowler (G)
Rob Kalmar (G)
Rodney Minden (G)
Mark Ramsay (G)
Kent Taylor (G)
Mark Cunningham
Ken DeBoer
Gary Dimitruk
Stew Eckford
Robert Edmondson
Nigel Ferguson
Eric Freitag
Dave Geneau
Thomas Glason
Brian Guest
Scott Hendry
Don Hull
Kevin Maher
Derrick McElheron
Alan Melhado
Chris Mills
Matt Podmore
Warren Richmond
P. J. Saberton
Corey Toal
John Vanoosterhout
Douglas Weeks
Mark Wieckowski
Scott Wilson