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White Dec Update

17/12/2017 Sunday

Gents - just a reminder that it is a BOWSER Weekend (Dec 16-17) so please donate some non-perishable food items and/or cash to the ladies at our games tonight!

After 23 games the division continues to be competitive:  the Wings remain on top but the gap has narrowed, the Rangers have stormed up from 6th to 2nd, only 3 points separate 2nd through 5th, and 80% of all games are decided by 3 goals or less.

With very few exceptions White division 'gets' our mandate of respect for each other and the referees, while remaining fast and competitive.  There have been two disciplinary issues for contact to the head and for swearing - as has been repeatedly communicated these are two issues of focus this season.  Both issues were resolved with appropriate suspensions.  

Shout out to Paddy's Rangers for the fewest total PIMs, the most games (13) with no penalties, and the most games played (9) where NEITHER team was penalized.  Scott's Maple Leafs are also maintaining a "less than one penalty per game played" pace, good stuff.

1 out of every 4 games has no penalties for either team, and 75% of all games have a total of 3 minors or less called combined for both teams – with very few exceptions the captains and you players are all doing a great job of supporting the BOHC mantra of clean and fair play.  Please continue to keep this in mind as the season wears on!

As always around this time of year, please visit Hectors to support the club but do so responsibly  - there are numerous options to get home safe and sound if you or your team decide to stick around Hectors longer than initially planned.