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Championship Game

15/04/2018 Sunday

Congratulations to Paddy's Rangers for winning the White Division Championship Game over Andy’s Canadiens in a 4-3 shootout win:  a back and forth game that saw each team hemming in the other team for long stretches only to find the situation reversed at the other end for another long stretch.

  • Rangers #8 Andrew Bayer opened the scoring at 13:04 in the first assisted by #5 David McCorquodale and #11 Paul Kelly
  • Canadiens #5 Bill McFadyen tied it up soon after at 10:30 in the first, assisted by #4 Rob Field
  • Rangers scored the next two to make it 3-1:  #8 Andrew Bayer at 1:26 left in the first assisted by #11 Paul Kelly and #16 Kevin Kofoed, then with 8:05 left in the second #9 Tim Litt scored assisted by #7 Kevin Lawrence and #14 Wendall Ahearn
  • Then to make things really interesting the Habs #65 Keith James scored with only 2:51 left in the second assisted by #8 Hugo Troccoli and #9 Kick Krajcovic, followed 26 seconds later by #13 Frank Baggetta’s game-tying goal assisted by #3 Brad Palmer and #11 captain Andy Thorpe
  • With about 30 seconds left in the game the Rangers appeared to score the go-ahead goal on a shot that looked to have been saved by Joe Trocki, only to see the puck trickle into the back of the net barely AFTER the quick whistle by the referee…no goal
  • 4-on-4 overtime decided nothing despite some quality chances from both teams
  • In the best-of-three shootout #10 Tony Baguley lead off for the Habs only to be stoned by Rangers G Andrew Martin, then #8 Andrew Bayer lead off for the Rangers with a goal.  #65 Keith James of the Habs was up next but Andrew Martin appeared to just get a piece of the rising shot and the puck went over the crossbar.  Next up for the Rangers was #7 Kevin Lawrence who went bar-down with a helluva shot to seal the shootout win for the Rangers


MVP of the game was a unanimous decision by the entire committee of two:  Joe the Cogeco play-by-play man and yours truly Jordo the colour commentator (sorry about the poor job I did and all the horrible horrible things I said about all of you on TV!), choosing the Rangers #8 Andrew Bayer for his 2.5 goal performance.


Don’t forget this Wednesday April 18th 6:30pm at Hector’s is the White Division Awards Pub Night…BBQ food will be served and a good time will be had by all.  Let’s hope the roads are safe to be on by then!


Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this White division season a successful one…I thought the division was well-balanced, major issues were kept to a minimum, and certainly the speed and quality of play has been elevated yet again, so thanks to:

21 Canadiens Andy Thorpe, Greg Wood, Bill McFadyen

22 Red Wings Bob Jurk, Jacques Chaput, John Stolte

23 Rangers Paddy Rea, Kevin Kofoed, Paul Kelly

24 Black Hawks Tracy Mersereau, Tony Whyte, Kevin MacRae

25 Bruins Dan Marinac, Don Bibby, Henry Szustka

26 Maple Leafs Scot Hamilton, Gil Verwey, John Cliffe

Co-Convenor Jim Hindley

Pool convenor Glen Nicholson (every one of you captains / co-captains owe this man a beverage :)


Paddy and Bob will be retiring from captain’s duties after this season, and I am anticipating all or most of Andy, Tracy, Dan and Scot will be returning.  We’re discussing the remaining two captain openings for next year and I know there are a number of great candidates to keep the division in good hands.


Thanks guys – I may see many of you in Summer Hockey, but I already cannot wait for the Winter 2018-19 draft later this Summer!