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Red Division Yuletide News

17/12/2017 Sunday

Red Division Yuletide News

On-ice Update

As we head towards the Christmas break, the Red Division standings are getting tighter than your hockey pants. The Red Wings have snuck into first place with a narrow lead over three teams that are in hot pursuit…the Rangers, Leafs, and Black Hawks are all within range of the lead.  The Bruins and Canadiens have made a strategic decision to lay back and save their legs for the second half.  Smart.

Rules Update

The league wants to make sure that everyone is aware of some rules that are being strongly enforced this season to make sure that the BOHC continues to be a fun, clean and safe league.

  1. Head shots: CAHA rules dictate an automatic penalty for any head contact; a single minor for accidental, a double minor for intentional, and a 5 minute major at the ref’s discretion for a more serious incident.
  2. Slashing: feedback from players is that stickwork and slashing needs to be eliminated; the referees are calling more infractions for chops.

  3. Goalie contact: while running the goalie is fun, it’s a penalty. No exceptions to this, including accidental contact with the netminder for any reason.

  4. Sliding: automatic penalty for sliding, including goalies.

  5. Beaking off: as mentioned in last month’s blog, loud and aggressive language will not be tolerated. Young timekeepers and fans (or fan) should not have to listen to swearing during our games.

 Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy holiday season. 2017 has been lots of fun in Red Division, and we look forward to more of the same in 2018 in the best recreational hockey league in Canada.