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Thru 2/3rds of season

09/02/2020 Sunday

Hello green division we have just past the 2/3rds mark of the regular season! So a little bit of recap..

team 46 leafs continue to lead the division and are the first team to reach 40 points.  Lets see if they can continue the pace to reach the elusive 60 points/30 win plateau.

The Canadians , Bruins and Rangers are in quite a battle for 2nd with alot of close games and spot changes in the standings.  The Black hawks and Red Wings have not been able to string together winning streaks, often coming up short on close games.  But as their rosters return from mid winter vacations, they may yet make some noise.

Thanks to all the teams for selling all their BOHC tournament raffle tickets!  The BOHC tournament is one of the most important fund raisers for the league.  Not only does it help with our charitable work in support of the Carpenter Hospice and Burlington food bank, but it also helps in keeping our membership fees down.

As in the past , because we sold our tickets...the tournament committee will again provide us our BBQ dinner for our year end awards night.   Speaking of which we have booked a date for year end awards night.

The year end awards night will be on Tuesday April 21st...that is the Tuesday following championship Sunday.  So book that date, its always a fun evening to wrap up our year...Poolies hope you guys will attend too, we couldn't make it thru the season without your help!

We are in need of a "host" for our awards night, long time host Paul Pearson, has retired from the gig after years of being a great host.  Thanks Paul for all the hard work and hillarous  evenings over the years.

 i know we have some great characters in the division who would do an awesome job, so let us know who would like to step in and host our awards night...who knows today it maybe Greenie awards, tomorrow the Oscars!!

To date we have had zero discipline meetings, thanks guys for keeping it in check...continue to be respectful to the officials and you fellow players.

thats all for now...continue to support Hectors and Bowser!!