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rounding to the back stretch

18/02/2019 Monday

Hello Green Division, as we round the back stretch to finish the reg season

We are thru 36 games and as it has been all season the standings remain tight.  The Hawks hold down first but have been unable to shake the rest of the pack.  The Habs have been on a hot streak and are only 2 points out. the wings,rangers and leafs are all closing again.  Even the Bruins after have just strung together 3 straight impressive wins.  It will be an exciting finish

We had games cancelled last tuesday, and the club has been in contact with the city about possible rescheduling so stay tuned for news of this as we hear back from them.

as we finish out the reg season and begin the playoffs some points to remind us all of

We all make the playoffs!

wining prize is likely an over size  t shirt that will end up in your wife's pajama 

winning should always be secondary. We are here to have fun playing the game we love with our friends, be thankful we still have a great organization that allows us to do that.

Lets be respectful of each other in our play and in our words.  Everyone deserves to be safe on the ice

Lets be respectful of the officials!  These guys are human, so treat them like you treat your teammates

if someone was yelling at you and criticizing  your play every time you came to the bench, think about how you would react!   Get to know them a bit, they are mostly great guys.  You will find if you treat them with respect it will likely be reciprocated...believe me they are not out to get you


Thanks to all who volunteered to help with the tournament...that is appreciated

ok lets have fun while we wrap up the season


Eric (aka supreme