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Green Division update

05/12/2017 Tuesday

Hello Green division, well we have passed thru the first 1/3 of the season.  To this point Mark Sator's Habs are the class of the division, bolting out to an impressive 28 points!  The Black Hawks are holding down 2nd and Rangers, Leafs and Bruins are in a close race in the middle. The Wings are currently in the bottom but only a win away from being right back in the mix.

This past week the leadership group of our division, consisting of the captains and convenors, met to review recent league updates, pool usage and division parity.

The captains were updated on the recent referees meeting. Each division had chance to communicate any issues or concerns.  A common theme was a request to have greater emphasis on stick infractions.  Slashing, hacking, stick contact will receive  greater attention.  So everyone keep thy stick to themselves!

Also there has been numerous disciplinary issues related to swearing at officials and especially in or around our young time keepers.  Be aware there is ZERO tolerance for this behavior and game suspensions have been handed out.  Let your captains communicate with the officials, don't let you emotions get the best of you.

Pool usage is up. Thanks to the captains for continuing to utilize the pool  Poolies thank you for your interest and big thank you to our pool convenor Kevin "flash" Flanagan.  He is working hard to get all our poolies a share of games.

Also at our meeting the group identfied a need to address some balancing between teams.  It was acknowledged there was a gap with the top 2 teams starting to pull away from the pack and the lower teams were falling behind.

The captains debated some changes and a few player movements were agreed upon by the group.  In total 6 skaters changed teams.  Thank you to all concerned for your understanding that these moves are made to hopefully bring some closer parity between teams.

Pub nite is this Friday so get  back and support the club!!  If you are new to the league why not come out with your teammates, you will get a chance to meet other members away from the rink too.

Lastly we are headed into the holiday season and its prudent to remind everyone that ride programs are in full force.  So if you are enjoying beverages after your games, please consider planning ahead for your transportation.   We want all our friends to get home safely.   There are so many transportation  options these days....the back of a police  cruzer is probably least attractive one!

That is all for now...good luck to all the teams as we move thru Dec to close out 2017

Eric Elo convenor

Kevin Flanagan pool convenor