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Gold Division 2018 - 2019

15/04/2019 Monday

Gentlemen of the Gold Division, it's hard to believe that another year has come and gone and is now officially in the books. Thank you to all the players and poolies that have contributed to make this year's campaign an unforgettable one! A special 'Thank you' must go out to all of our Captains (Ray Coyne 71, Dave Robinson 72, Byron McCormack 73, Steve Clark 74, Dave Chadwick 75 and Peter Jakob 76). You have all done a terrific job in making this year an enjoyable year for all of the participant in this division. A tip of the cap and BRAVO gentlemen!!

Round Robin Playoffs!

Needless to say this years version of the Round Robin Tournament produced unbelievable heroics both on and off the ice - so much so that we can hope there will never be another one like it. The Playoff race was tightly contested and culminated in the end with four teams jockeying for the final two spots on the last day of the tournament. In the end it was Byron McCormack's Rangers vs. Peter Jakob's Leafs who were the last teams standing.

Championship Game

There is no other way to describe it but it was simply a storybook finish for the Leafs. This game will be remembered as a classic in which both teams played hard and left it all on the ice - it had everything - including a game tying goal from Jimmy Drysdale's beautiful deflection from the point to even it up with only minutes left in the game. The 4 on 4 Overtime period had moments of golden opportunities for both teams but it was only fitting that it came down to a final shootout between these two capable teams. In the end Brian Kachuik's only tally proved to be the winner as Game MVP Don Cragg shut the door on all three Ranger shooters. Congratulations Don! What a game - what a year for the Leafs!

A New Era

With the season coming to a close this usually marks the beginning of the end in some respects. There are two captains stepping down to make way for two new captains to take over the helm. A HUGE 'thank you' must go to Ray Coyne and Peter Jakob for volunteering their time and efforts throughout their tenure. Both of these gentlemen have set the gold standard as exemplary Captains that we have admired and want to emulate. The two new Captains for next season will be Duncan Bell and Don Hunter. Welcome to the mix gentlemen.

We will also see Mike Sebok ending his term as Gold Division Convenor and he can now officially retire his "Commisioner's Gavel" as well as long time Pool Convenor Mike Kitchen - he can now put his phone away. Well done gentlemen, both of you have done a fabulous job over the years and it will be a tall order to replace you. Speaking of which - Drew Gibson has stepped up as the new Gold Convenor and Greg Douglas will be acting as his deputy Co-Convenor. Replacing Mike Kitchen as Pool Convenor next year will be Tony Vassallo.

There you have it. The stage has been set for next year and we can look forward to another fun, exciting year ahead starting again in October.

In the meantime, please stay safe and have a great summer!

Thank you everyone for a great year!

Mike Sebok, Drew Gibson, Greg Douglas, Mike Kitchen, Tony Vassallo