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End of 2017-18 Season

03/05/2018 Thursday

The Round Robin/Playoff Tournament brought us some absolutely fantastic hockey to both play and watch! I witnessed all 6 teams competing hard without a lot of nasty/rough stuff. Great work to everybody on making it a fun and tough playoff round! The Championship Game saw the Canadiens vs Black Hawks. The first period was owned by the Blackhawks however the Canadiens were able to fend off the attack and pull out a 3-0 win. Don Hunter was awarded the MVP of the game as he had scored all 3 goals to earn a "natural" hat trick!! Congratulations Don Hunter!!   

Congratulations are in order to Team 71/Canadiens for winning the elusively difficult "trifecta" which involves winning the regular season, the championship game and lastly claiming the "horse race" winnings for the year!! Great job Ray Coyne and Michael Kitchen! 

With this season coming to an end this also means there are 2 Captains that will be hanging up their Captain "C"'s to allow 2 new Captains the opportunity to showcase their knowledge. 2 big thank you's go out to Wes Henry and Drew Gibson for standing up and "volunteering" their time, effort and everything else I asked for! Thank you Wes and Drew, I appreciated all your input and guidance and look forward to years of hockey playing with you both!  Which now brings us to the 2 new Captains for next season!! I'd like to Welcome Steve Clark and Byron McCormack to the mix of 6 Captains. Welcome Gentlemen and I'm sure it will be a seamless transition for both of you!!

As I've said all along you are all part of a great group of guys I enjoy calling "Friends", "hockey teammates", and "Family". I look forward to another fun, exciting and fast paced year starting in October. Thanks for all your efforts with making the Invitational tickets selling a huge success!! I'm anticipating  we as a group can do this every year now!!!

Stay safe and have a super summer Guys!!

Thanks Everyone!!    Mike Sebok, Greg Douglas, Moe Bradley, Michael Kitchen