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03/01/2018 Wednesday

Happy New Year to the Division.  After a two-week layoff that didn't have anything to do with hockey, we are back at it. You can read the standings so I won't bore you with comments about which teams are moving up, which are moving down and which teams are moving sideways. No question, though, which team possesses the NHL-quality video-editing skills.  

The Invitational Tournament is approaching, and that means collecting the cash for those 11 books of tickets that the league kindly distributed to each of the teams. However we do it, it will soon be time to get any sold tickets and cash to your captains, who will then pass these along to Ron.  Try to get the cash to Ron before his annual vacation to Mexico, anyway.

BTW, the league will need two volunteers from each team to help out during the tournament. It is simple work, and you are hanging out with BOHC guys, so it is amusing enough. Please don't assume that your captains and assistants will handle the task. Any help is appreciated.