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The Holidays and Hockey

18/12/2017 Monday

We've Reached the Halfway Point!

The halfway point of the season has arrived right in time for the Holidays!  In the case of Black Division, the Red Wings continue to lead with few signs of slowing down.  Those of us who have been around for a while know full well that it all boils down to 5 games in late March and early April and "The Curse" may be alive and well!  All of the teams are battling every game and the competitive balance has been good.  

Holiday Season Reminders

As members of the BOHC, we all share in an organization that takes great pride in the community where we live and play this great game of hockey.  Throughout the Season, please keep those in mind who might be in need of your support.  Sometimes just a phone call to say "Hi" goes a long way to lifting spirits in those who may be having difficulty in their lives.  At that same time, enjoy the time with family and friends.  If you are out and about enjoying the festive season parties, please drive safe and, if you've been enjoying a drink or two, let a designated driver, Uber or a taxi get you home.

Use of the Pool

Harold continues to do a fantastic job with the pool.  Especially at this time of year when the multitude of holiday events pull our full time members away for a night or two and the number of pool requests goes way up.  If you are a full time player and can't get to a game, please let your Captain know to get a pool replacement.  The revenue generated from the pool helps to keep the league strong. Thanks Harold!

From your Convenor team of Jim, Jamie and Harold, we wish You and Yours all the best for the Holiday Season and a happy and healthy 2018.  

See you at the rink!

Jim, Jamie and Harold