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The 2017-18 Season Wraps Up

16/04/2018 Monday

Looking Back on the Regular Season

When the dust settled on the regular season, the Red Wings held on to top spot which was a place that they were accustomed to being in for most of the season.  The Canadiens pushed hard for the regular season title falling a bit short in the last few weeks of the schedule.  Throughout the regular season the games were competitive and very well played.  Balancing moves were made a couple of times during the season in order to help with the competitive balance the last of those moves coming after game 30 of the 45 game regular season.  A difference of only 6 wins separated 2nd place through 5th.  The Leafs may have set a record for number of 1 goal losses and always seemed to be a tough opponent for every team in the Division although that was not reflected in the standings.  There were very few discipline issues during the season and all of the players deserve a great deal of credit for keeping up the spirit of the Club on the ice and off.  

The Playoffs

After the 45 game exhibition season closed for each of the teams the 10-day sprint to the Championship game kicked off on April 4th.  When the six teams arrived at the rink for the last game of the round robin, each game had significance with respect to which teams would end up in the Championship.  The Black Hawks finished on top of the round robin and went into the final as a team on fire.  The Red Wings managed to secure their spot in the championship game through a tie breaker with the Bruins.  In the Championship game, the Wings held on for an exciting 2-1 win.  Well done to Gerard Doyle and his team for pulling off a rare double as Division Regular Season winners and Division Champions.  The championship was recorded and will be broadcast on Cogeco.  Everyone looks slower on TV!

Awards Night

Black Division Awards Night will be held at Hectors on April 24th at 7 PM.  This is a great time to re-live the highlights of the season with your teammates and friends from across the Division.

A Tip of the Cap to Harold and Mike

Harold Saunders, the Pool Convenor from this past season will be leaving that role.  All of us in the Division owe Harold a "Thank You" for all of the work that he put in to making sure that our teams had pool replacements when needed.  You can still catch some comments from Harold on video on our Division site which he delivers with the grin that most of us are used to seeing on Harold around the rink or the Club.  

Mike Ligas has served 3 seasons as a Captain in the Division and will step aside for a replacement next season.  Thanks to Mike for his dedication to his team and to the Division.  Mike has always been a vocal supporter of the BOHC and the values of the Club and carried that commitment to everything he did both on and off the ice.

Looking Ahead to Next Season

Change is always a constant.  In addition to new players being added and current players moving on, there will be a couple of new faces helping out with the leadership of the Division next season.  John Prior will step in as the new Pool Convenor.  Tony Rumleskie will wear a 'C' alongside the other 5 Captains who are returning.  Our player draft for next season will be held in late June or early July.  Before we know it we will be at our Black Division Stag Night in September and headed to the rink for the puck drop on the 2018-19 Season.

Whatever your off-season pursuits happen to be whether at the rink for summer hockey, on the golf course, at the cottage or traveling the world, enjoy the break!  

See you in September!

Your Convenor Team

Jim, Jamie and Harold