Schedule changes...please read

Welcome to the 2018-19 season!!!

Guys...We lost a great oldtimer yesterday (08/27/18) with the passing of Paul Ritchie due to cancer. Now Paul hadn't played in BOHC for a number of years as he decided a while ago to spend his winters in Arizona. But even down there he still found time to play our great game. Paul played the last few years of BOHC out of the pool. I know that when I was captain and Paul walked into the room as one of our poolies, it was very comforting because I knew that he would give 100% and fit right in with the rest of the he had been there all year. RIP Paul. You will be missed.

My last convener blog. Guys I have a few things to pass on to you. First thing is, the round robin results. The Canadians won in overtime over the wings. It was a fantastic game along with Steve Shuta commentary on Cogeco, It is a must to see. Up to the last game there could of been any one of five teams in the final, so you cant get any better then that. The season ended up with 4 teams a chance to win first place, and the Rangers won the season over the wings in the final game. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR NEXT SEASON BEFORE MAY 1ST. To guarantee your spot. Next Season conveners and Captains are in place, Going forward Rob Wood has stepped up to be convener again with Mike Ford being the co convener with my assistance. The last thing is always the hardest and that will be saying goodbye to great hockey buddies, by way of move to higher and lower divisions. We have no idea who that will be until sign up is finished. If we had our way everyone would stay where they are, but that is impossible. Thanks for the great years and I will see you on the ice next year. Greg