GOLD DIVISION AWARDS/BANQUET NIGHT.... Thursday March 22nd, 2018 7:00pm @ HECTORS(Clubhouse). $5.00 entrance fee PLUS this year we're having an additional BOWSER night at the awards night so PLEASE bring a non perishable food item or monetary donation or even throw caurtion to the wind and say BOTH!! Open To ALL Gold Division players fulltime and poolies!! Please Contact Mike Kitchen or Mike Sebok regarding purchasing tickets. GOING TO BE A FUN NIGHT FOR SURE!!

Well hello Gold Division. It's been a while since the last post...Not much has changed per say... The Habs are still in first, the other 5 teams are still slightly behind them in the rush to the final 6 playoff spots. Should be a nail biter all the way to the last regular season game!! We have less than 20 games to go in the regular season. Lets make sure we have fun and nobody needs to get injured just before the magic of PLAYOFF/ROUND ROBIN HOCKEY!!!!!!! --CAPTAINS:: If you haven't already done so, please make sure all Invitational ticket stubs and monies are handed in to MIKE SEBOK... ASAP!!!!!--- The invitational teams have been drafted.. please click on the link below (+READ MORE) to find out your Teams and games times. Please have fun during the tournament and be respectful of ALL CAPTAINS, OFFICIALS, PLAYERS and the odd convenor!! STAY SAFE EVERYBODY! Mike S., Greg D., Moe, Mike K.

Happy Holidays to all of you Gold Division players.!! ---Well Gentlemen of Gold Division. We're 1/2 way into the season and it's been a battle so far. Please be mindful of our core motto.. BALANCE, FAIR PLAY, & COMMUNITY. ---This is the season for annual RIDE program step up. Please be smart and don't drink and drive. There's plenty of options available to utilize. ---Bowser for this month takes place THURSDAY DECEMBER 17th. Food and/or monetary donations are always appreciated. please click here to read more....!