Member Fee Schedule – 2019-2020 Season

Winter Hockey:   2019-2020 (50 game season)  
  Full time   Player: cheques: (May 1, 2019 $300 and Sept 1, 2019 $340)  $640.00
  Pool Player: $40  (plus  $15.00 per game)

Summer Hockey:  2019 (22 game season)   
  Summer Player   : cheque $285.00
  Summer Pool   Player: per game fee $15.00

Other Memberships  
  Referee Fee $40.00
  Social Members $25.00


Member refund policy

Before the season begins

  1. If a player retires from full time play or leaves the club prior to the start of the season the max refund the player will receive is the amount paid, less a non refundable $25.00  for admin/social fees
  2. Refunds during the summer will be issued on June 30th and August 31st.  

Once the season begins

  1. Once the Winter Hockey season begins we will refund at the rate of $12.00 per game.
  2. For the replacement player the fee per game is $12.00 per game
  3. Refunds will only be issued once a replacement player has been placed on a team. In other words, the amount of the refund will be based on the total number of games paid for by the replacement player, not the total number of games played by the retiring player.  

All refunds will be by cheque only.