We are using Facebook to document the on ice and off ice activities of the league and its members because it is an excellent way to share pictures, videos and information in a social environment.

This information produces a chronological timeline from the clubs inception in 1975, to present day - click Our Facebook Timeline and scroll down to 1975 to the see events we have compiled so far. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a Facebook account to view the posts (you would need one if you wanted to comment). 


The direct activities of the club are not the only things we are proud of…the achievments of BOHC members in the community say alot for the club and its members. If you would like to share the achievments of members so that we can post it on our facebook page, contact the VP IT & Communications.


Anyone who would like to participate in building the timeline of the BOHC is encouraged to contact the VP IT & Communications.