Wendall Ahearn – President*

Bruce Marsh – Past President

Mark Buchanan – VP Administration

Jeff Davis – VP of Hockey

Peter Greig – VP Membership

Richard Zabransky – VP of IT

Brian Blume – Director of Club Events –

Scot Cameron – Director of Marketing and Communications

Paul Gentle – Secretary*


Richard Krummenacher – Treasurer* (Appointed)

Mike Veerman – Referee in Chief

Ken Warren – Director of On-Ice Operations





Booklet Chair - Don MacRae

BOWSER Chairs - Michele Wood & Barb Charron

Discipline Chair - Paul Gentle

Invitational Chair - Rick Fox

Chair of the Heritage Committee - Bruce Marsh

Nominating Committee - Bruce Marsh

Round Robin Chair - Gunther Kaschuba

Scheduling Chair - Henry Vandersteen

Christmas Dance - Colin Ashdown

Summer Hockey Chair - Jordan Dankowich

Timekeepers - Richard Ward

Website Coordinator - Scot Cameron