BOWSER (Burlington Oldtimers Wives Supplying Emergency Relief) – Food on the Table for 29 Years!

Our original BOWSER (Burlington Oldtimers’ Women Supplying Emergency Relief) ladies have decided to retire after an incredible 29 year run.  Their goal was to help the less fortunate residents of Burlington with a monthly collection of food and cash to be donated to the Burlington Food Bank.  Over their tenure, these amazing women have collected over 144,000 pounds of food and household items and $311,339 in cash.  On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank Michelle Wood, Louise Addison, Barb Charron, Carolyn Park and Pat Broadbent for your dedication to such a worthy cause and all their hard work every month throughout the last 29 seasons.  As a result of their commitment and dedication, the Bowser ladies have received the Hector Award to recognize their contributions to the Club and community.  Although the Original Bowser Babes are retiring, all is not lost. 

One current member of the Bowser Babes, Joanne Patterson, has volunteered to keep this amazing initiative continuing.  Thank you very much Joanne for continuing on and we look forward to helping you throughout the season to continue on with the amazing work that you do.

Jeff Davis, BOHC President


The BOWSER Babes give their time and energy to raise food and cash to support the Burlington Food Bank.  They set up tables in the lobbies of the arenas in which we are playing and hope that you can bring a food item with you to your game. Any contribution of food items or cash are greatly accepted and appreciated.

What an amazing group of women we have here putting in all their time and efforts since 1992. We just realized that they/you hit the Quarter Million dollars mark with last year's donation!! Thanks guys for all of your support for BOWSER's initiative all these years. Lets keep it going - and please let them know how much we appreciate their efforts. 

food bank

...from the Burlington Food Bank -- As of the end of the 2018-2019 season, through BOWSER, the BOHC (Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club), members have contributed, 89,768 food and household items as well as $253,280 cash…

We just wanted to THANK YOU and acknowledge the greater view of your accomplishment. You Babes have done well! In our calculations 89,768 items would equal about 142,133 pounds of food -- 142,133 pounds of food at $2.60 per pound would have a value of $369,545 so in actual fact – BOWSER has raised $622,825 to date for the Burlington Food Bank. simply amazing! We have already been collecting this year and it has been greatly appreciated! 

Please pass this on to all of the BOWSER Babes and to all the generous players in BOHC!
Thank you once again, Robin Bailey -- Executive Director


In the fall of 1992, six hockey wives formed BOWSER (Burlington Oldtimers’ Women Supplying Emergency Relief). Their mandate was to help the less fortunate residents of Burlington with a monthly collection of food and cash, all of which would be donated to the Burlington Food Bank. Each month during the hockey season the “BOWSER BABES” are at arenas collecting non-perishable food items and household necessities.


Shown here are Michele Wood, Louise Addison, Johanne Patterson, Robin Bailey (Burlington Food Bank), Barb Charron, Carolyn Park and Pat Broadbent presenting the Burlington Food Bank with a cheque which includes the BOWSER cash contribution for the 2018-19 season. Including the Christmas Dance donation, it brings the BOWSER season total to $19,310 and 3,553 food items. To date, through BOWSER, the BOHC (Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club), members have contributed, 89,768 food and household items as well as $253,280 all donated to those in need in our Burlington community. BOHC is recognized as the major contributor to the Burlington Food Bank.

Our thanks go out to the BOHC members and the “BOWSER BABES”.